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Why Metta Flour

Our gluten-free atta or flour is called Metta, meaning loving-kindness in Pali. It is created out of love for family, children, tradition, and because taste and texture do matter!

Metta was inspired by my son who was diagnosed with a gluten-sensitivity when he was eight years old. This meant no more Indian flatbreads, or rotis, which is a staple in North Indian cuisine. Metta was developed after many iterations and years of trial and error. It wasn’t enough that it was gluten-free, taste and texture also mattered! The rotis had to taste, feel, and look like the traditional wheat-based ones do. They had to be soft with just the right degree of chewiness and had to fluff up on the skillet, or tawa. Finally, a gluten-free flour blend that makes deliciously nutritious flatbreads we grew up eating and loving!

Other tested uses for Metta Flour


For recipes and instructions go to the Recipes page.

We are constantly discovering other uses of Metta flour and will keep adding those to our recipe list because the possibilities are endless. We are experimenting with pita/naan bread recipe so stay tuned for that.

Don’t forget to share your recipes and other ways you use Metta Gluten-Free Atta in your kitchen. Please submit your tried and tested recipes here or to the facebook page to be shared with others because good things deserve to be shared! – Thank you for sharing and for your support!

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