We can draft Standard and Comprehensive Wills, Codicils, Letter of Wishes and Lasting Power of Attorney.

If you care about what happens to your property after you die, you should make a Will. Without a valid Will the government will decide who inherits your property and your loved ones may not get what you intended for them to receive. Without a valid Will, the management of your estate could be placed in the hands of administrators who will be appointed by the court.

A Will is a very important document that needs to adhere to strict laws in relation to its formation and execution. Not complying with these rules could nullify your Will. A Will that is not clear under the law will be open to challenge and maybe overruled.
We handle all types of disputes in relation to a Will. For example, disputes based on allegations of fraud and undue influence or a negligently drafted Wills or Disputed Powers of Attorney.

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